Digital Marketing Services


Through InnoProbe Insight’s Custom Panel, called Apiary Buzz, we are able to identify individuals in great detail and utilize them in our digital marketing programs and campaigns. By signing up with Apiary Buzz, consumers get rewards for participating in social media programs, as well as participating in research.

This unique panel capability is unlike any in the industry. We have the ability to identify consumers based on information they provide us, plus the ability to track them digitally as they surf the Internet. Information that we have on each user is anonymized, and includes the following

  • Age and gender
  • Household size
  • Ages of children
  • Occupation
  • Digital media consumption
  • Product categories purchased
  • Household income

Utilizing this demographic and descriptive data, we can target specific user groups and deliver messages that are optimized for each group or persona you specify. This gives us pinpoint accuracy for delivery of your marketing message.

InnoProbe Insight has the expertise to communicate to your optimal target audience and drive sales. Call us to discuss your targeting strategy and customer growth plans.