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Copy testing, advertising research, and positioning research are tests that evaluate and diagnose the communication power of advertising, either broadcast (television, radio), print (newspapers, magazines), or on the web.

Typical Client Questions/Issues

  • Based on our strategic research, we know that consumers think of our brand as old and out of touch. What is the best way to communicate our new positioning as a modern, up-to-date brand for people like them?
  • Which demographic groups respond best to our new brand positioning?
  • what kinds of use situations best exemplify the type of user that would consider our brand, and how do we portray that in advertising?
  • What has been the pre-post impact of our digital media campaign on brand image and future intent to buy?
  • is the spokesman that we chose for our brand resonating with buyers, or do we need to make a change?

InnoProbe’s Approach

  • Copy tests are an integral part of the creative development process, and (of necessity) follow the development of one or more advertising strategies.
  • Copy alternatives attempt to embody an advertising strategy that has been identified through previous phases of research.
  • Copy tests are usually conducted (1) after a strategic/positioning study indicated an opportunity for the brand that, in turn, feed copy development; (2) after qualitative research (focus groups, in-depths) has been used in the creative development process; or (3) after tracking research has indicated that the current campaign is no longer building awareness or image.

InnoProbe's Measures

  • Measures typically include:
  • Main point communication.
  • Proven recall (correct playback of copy elements).
  • Total copy and situational/visual playback.
  • Purchase intent, or a pre-post persuasion score.
  • Brand likes, dislikes, dissonance.
  • Imagery/personality ratings.
  • Attribute/brand performance.
  • Classification and demographics.

Nutritional Supplements

InnoProbe conducted positioning research for a French pharmaceutical company interested in entering the U.S. market. The company had developed a unique formula for synthesizing magnesium in its supplements. While there are many benefits of magnesium, consumers can typically retain a few key facts. Consequently, positioning research and advertising testing explored the benefits of this unique product line. In addition to evaluating alternative ways of describing the end benefits of this product, packaging and pricing options were also exposed. The client received valuable insight and was able to launch the product successfully at a high margin in a crowded competitive field.

Brand Identity

a major consumer products company needed a name change. The company had been in business for 100 years, but a series of healthcare acquisitions made its name less descriptive. Interviews were conducted among buy- and sell-side financial analysts, common stockholders, and brand users to determine which of several possible name changes would be descriptive and acceptable. Testing revealed that the name of its most prominent subsidiary was optimal, and the change was implemented. Over the course of several years the company successfully established itself as a leader in the healthcare space.

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