Syndicated Studies

Private Sector Services


Leveraging on our own industry expertise and experience, we run syndicated research studies in order to uncover new and emerging trends in the market as well as the industry standards so that our clients could utilize the insight derived from our data to help map out their future strategies and policy-making fine-tuning with better and more informed decisions.

Syndicated research is a type of market research that delivers broad insights covering a specific market. It is typically survey-based and created independently by a market research provider, who determines the size and scope of the study, the questions asked, and the populations targeted.

It’s a great way to quickly and cost-effectively obtain data from a large sample size. Allowing you to gather insights into a specific market or industry, measure brand awareness, perception, and identify industry trends and threats. Additionally, syndicated studies can provide valuable information on competitors, allowing your team to develop a competitive edge.

Syndicated research is able to be sold to multiple companies or organisations, who can use the data to inform their business strategies and gain competitive intelligence.

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