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Copy testing, advertising research, and positioning research are tests that evaluate and diagnose the communication power of advertising, either broadcast (television, radio), print (newspapers, magazines), or on the web.
Customer satisfaction research is a form of tracking conducted on an ongoing basis using survey research to collect feedback either after a transaction or to gather consumer measures of brand health over time. Tracking is appropriate…
Product optimization research is a form of concept testing, in which we are identify the mix of features and individual benefits that maximize customer interest. Optimization research generally works best in categories with features…
Concept testing is designed to diagnose, in detail, the performance of a complete product description. In this environment, concepts represent products that will be launched in the marketplace, and are used to evaluate strategy…
Idea screening reduces (i.e., screens) many ideas (e.g., 15, 20, or more) into two groups: those worth pursuing vs. those that should be set aside. Ideas may be prioritized using traditional measures (i.e., purchase interest), or through more sophisticated statistical or volumetric projection analyses.
A broad view of brands and categories is often needed for planning, positioning, and product development purposes.

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